Frequently Asked Questions


Do you work on donkeys?



My horse needs to be sedated to have its feet done.  Will you administer sedation?


No, under no circumstances will Philip provide or administer any sedative.  Most importantly, the reaction of any horse to sedation can be highly variable, and some reactions may be dangerous to the horse, its handlers, or both.  Secondly, it is illegal, as it consitutes practicing veterinary medicine without a license.  If you horse requires sedation, 1) it must consistently behave well under sedation (some horses can become more unpredicatable/violent), and 2) a veterinarian must be present to administer the drugs and supervise the horse if you are not comfortable doing so as its owner.


Can I have an end-of-year statement for my records?


Yes, of course.  Commercial stable clients (owners / barn managers) will receive a statement for tax records automatically.  If you are  a private client and would like this service, please request it at our first appointment of the year so that your report can be generated in a timely fashion.


Do you provide a multi-horse discount?


No.  Unfortunately, the amount of work required per horse does not change with the number of horses to be done.