Work Area


The work area should be clean, and sheltered from the elements (roof & at least three walls).  Concrete is preferred, especially with stall mats.


Either cross ties or a capable holder are required.  In any case, someone must always be present to handle the horse.


Access to power and water will be required.

Your horse


Good manners are essential - your horse should be accustomed to being shod, including hot-fitting.


The animal should be clean, with hooves, legs and body dry.


If your horse is overly energetic, lunging before the appointment is recommended.


Mares in season and horses with acute intestinal distress will be rescheduled.

Payment & Scheduling policies


Payment must be received by the end of the appointment.  Payment can be made by cash or any major credit/debit card; please note that Paypal, Western Union, postal money orders and other 3rd-party payments are NOT accepted under any circumstances.  If you will not be present at our appointment, payment must be arranged beforehand.  Late payments will be subject to a service charge of $50 per 30 days.


Maintaining a regular schedule is best for your horse, and ensures that we have an adequate amount of time to do the necessary work.  It also ensures the most convenient appointment time for the owner.  Shod horses will be seen every 5 or 6 weeks; barefoot horses will be seen every 6-8 weeks depending on work, season and other factors.


All clients will be rescheduled at the end of the current appointment. 


Appointments are scheduled Monday - Thursday, and will begin between 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM.  There are no weekend or evening hours, as these are reserved for continuing education and competition with other farriers, and for emergencies.


Missed appointments are subject to a $50.00 rescheduling fee.